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About Us


Damroo is an audio streaming app that treasures non-film/ independent music. Damroo has a variety of artists from Kishore Kumar to Divine.
Music in regional languages spoken from Kashmir to Kanyakumari


It is our vision at Damroo to bring the true sounds of independent artists to you, and help create a community for them. Make them a part of your lives and bring them to the fore.

Damroo Plus is our answer to every step that makes music distribution loopholes free. Its uniqueness empowers independent artists and labels to distribute their songs across all platforms and earn revenue without losing control of their copyrights.


Michael Jackson, Adele, BTS, Lucky Ali, Nazia Hassan, Mika. Names that bring the most wonderful music and memories. The one thing common in all of them, INDEPENDENT MUSIC, INDEPENDENT ARTIST, INDEPENDENT CREATORS.

India is a land rich in art, music, culture, and Bollywood. There was a time when we heard and thrived on Independent and Non-Film music along with the music from the Film Industry. They grew as parallel industries.

Does it have to be only one way or the other? At DAMROO, we believe every artist should create a place of their own, for their own music, for listeners who are looking for their kind of a sound. It is here that your search ends.

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